Electromechanical Devices

Course Overview

Electromechanical Devices requires a lecture and lab component. The course meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:15 pm.


Labs are to be emailed as pdf files to Professor Hosannah. The group project will have two components- the report, and a powerpoint presentation given by the group during the online lecture. Note that if LabVolt is unavailable, Phet and Multiim will be implemented to complete the associated labs.

  • Lab 1: Electromagnet Lab (Phet)
  • Lab 2: Faraday‚Äôs Law (Phet)
  • Lab 3: DC Motor Torque Speed (FESTO/LabVolt)
  • Lab 4: AC Generator (Multisim)
  • Lab 5: AC Synchronous Motor (Multisim)
  • Lab 6: Squirrel Induction Motor (FESTO/LabVolt)

Lecture Meetings

Moving forward, Thursday will become the lecture session. The lecture hour will include powerpoint lectures via the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra medium, with lecture files and accompanying materials to be made available on blackboard.

Lab Meetings

Between 1 and 3:15pm, physical labs will be replaced by software simulations. The first hour will involve a tutorial session, and the remainder of the time will be practical during which students will apply the tutorial learnings to solve a problem or perform a section of programming towards their lab assignments/projects.

Software Required:

  1. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are preferred
  2. Microsoft Office (Already have)
  3. FESTO Lab Volt (TBA)
  4. Interactive simulations: Check Phet website