Manufacturing Processes

CNCMotion eXpertMill VMC-0600 (V/I)


CNCMotion integrates interactive 3D simulation with CNCBase machine control software for dynamic simulation and graphic tracking of Intelitek’s CNCmills and lathes.

CNCMotion simulates the entire machining process in real time-accurately reflecting the movement of machine components and tools, and the form of raw materials changing into finished parts.

The virtual machines in CNCMotion respond to errors and environmental conditions in the same way as safeguards on real machines prevent injury and damage. Safety measures include halting NC program execution upon impact or axis limit, and warnings of unsafe hardware conditions (e.g., safety shield open, tool missing, tool impact on the cross-slide or holding device).

As a powerful visualization tool, the software enables testing and debugging of programming, as well as full machine setup, prior to actual CNC machining and turning.



The CAM Milling with spectraCAM Milling module introduces students to the fundamentals of CAM programs and their use in industry. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software forms the link between computer-aided drafting (CAD) designs and CNC manufacturing. Students are instructed in toolpath generation, contouring, engraving, pocketing, machining operations for ruled and swept surfaces, and code generation.

Student Activities

The CNCMotion and SpectraCAM sotftware’s course content and lab activities will be accessible from the LearnMate platform. Please follow below steps to get access to the course content:

  1. Step 1 Creating an Account : When accessing the site for the first time, you need to create an account with your profile information and a password.
  2. Step 2 Logging In Before you can login, you must active your account with the link sent to your email address. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk/spam folder.
  3. Step 3 Join your course: After logging in click CNC Milling Technology with eXpertMill VMC-0600 course to join. You’ll be asked for a course enrolment key, Enter the enrollment key supplied by your instrucor.
  • Repeat step 3 to join SpectraCAM course.

Software installation

Installing Required Utilities :

  • LM Agent Software : The LM Agent enables students to lincense and operate the CNCMotion software. The required simulation and control software can be launched and controlled directly from the LearnMate environment using the LM Agent. The LM Agent, which utilizes ActiveX technology, runs in the background until required by links in the modules. lmagent
  • Download the CNC Motion simulation software From Here
  • Download SectraCAM software From Here

In order to license and use CNCMotion and SpectraCAM, the software’s needs to be launched from the course content. You don’t need to remain logged into the content or even the site, but you must launch the software from one of the many links found within the course activity. Once that’s done, this process temporarily licenses the software for 3-4 hours, and at that point LearnMate can be exited, minimized, etc. When the temporary license expires, you can log back into the content, click another launch link again to re-apply the license and they’re good to go for another 3-4 hours.

To launch the software go to activity 2 and navigate to Running CNCMotion (6/51) in the content click the link where it says “Click here to run CNCMotion.” the software will launch without any licensing request.