Electrical Drafting and Blue Print Reading

The Autodesk Educational License is available to LaGuardia students and instructors (including all faculty) for free. Here are the instructions on how to get access:

  1. Go to the Autodesk Free Educational Software page.
  2. Click on GET STARTED to create an account.
  3. Follow the steps in below video to unlock you access to Autodesk softwares. you will need to register using your LaGuardia account (
  1. After the verification. login to your account and download AutoCAD.
  2. Autodesk will send you a Product Key and Serial Number via e-mail for the product you selected. You will be prompted to enter the information provided in that e-mail.
  3. After verification of the Product Key and Serial Number, the installer will run for several minutes to two hours, depending on the product, your computer, and your Internet connection speed. The installer will provide you with an estimated time remaining.
  4. After the installer completes, launch the product.

Some Autodesk products launch themselves automatically after installation, while others require you to double-click on the software icon on your computer’s desktop.) It may take several minutes for the product to launch for the first time.